Aix Again

A few shots taken on our last quick trip to Aix. I love that city.

Squash blossoms for sale. I have never tried to cook anything with them although I’ve had them at restaurants. They always seem to have the texture of tissue paper to me which isn’t too exciting to my taste buds.

Little olive trees. I love the little round pots they are in.

When I stopped to take a photo of this, my favorite fountain in Aix, Maurice said, “You’re taking another photo?” Yes, once again, but I never had an artist painting a picture of it before.

When I was growing up we only had red tomatoes. Where did all of these colors come from? I know they call the purplish ones, Heirloom, but I never saw any until the last few years.

6 thoughts to “Aix Again”

  1. I love the little olive trees. I would have bought three! Did you buy any?
    I love how we’re all posting our holidays in beautiful France.

  2. Yesterday I went to one of the two local grocery stores. The lettuce was turning brown (some were very slimy), the peaches had not scent, and the tomatoes (all red) will have next to no taste. Oh, how I long for the markets and green grocers of my old life! You are one lucky lady – and thanks for sharing your good fortune with the rest of us!

  3. I’ve always wondered how squash blossoms would taste. doesn’t sound too interesting. Love those little round pots, oh how I would like to have some! The olive trees would not be bad either although I don’t know how they would do here in the south. I love getting heirloom tomatoes as they have a better taste to them. I wish we had a market that would sell fresh like yours. Here if you go to a market they could be bringing them in from somewhere else!

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