I am here in Provence and there isn’t much going on since thirteen guests have left. I have a few photos of things here and there and then, unless something interesting or exciting happens, I will probably be posting photos of my last time in Paris for a few weeks before we leave for a little trip.

I saw this car in la Tour d’Aigues. It’s really unusual to see a huge car in France, especially if it is a classic. There was also a little statue of Elvis hanging from the rear view mirror. The license plate shows that the owner lives in this region.

A few days ago we went to la Ciotat on the coast. There was a brisk wind and the wind surfers were out enjoying it. We were visiting Maurice’s sisters and their families. They always come to this area for the August vacation.

We have over one hundred lavender plants in our yard. It looks great in the summer and it’s wonderful watching the bees and butterflies do their thing amongst it. However, when it stops blooming, the flowers have to be cut off. I have to tell you that it is a lot of labor. But I smell really good each time I finish-lavender, santolina and rosemary fragrances cling to my clothing.

There are still tomatoes to be found at the markets. I bought a big batch to make tomato soup. I haven’t tried any new French recipes this summer but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking-just using the same old recipes.

7 thoughts to “Life”

  1. I made home-made tomato soup last night – with lots of basil (and cream!) – it was delicious.

    I can just imagine how great you smell after working in the lavender!

  2. Oh gosh… I love your life in Provence.. šŸ™‚ And I like tomato soups… You reminded me that I haven’t been having it for months!

  3. A cadillac in France, so cool, those “darn” cars are everywhere! as my hubby will say. Over one hundered? My goodness, I only have about 7, and that can be work too, but I would love to have a lot more of them. Do you do any canning especially with the tomatoes for soup?

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