Near Luxembourg Garden

(A posting saved from when I was last in Paris–May?)
Strolling down a rue heading toward the Luxembourg Garden, my friend and I were looking for a place to get tea. We saw a really charming window for children’s clothing called Bonpoint and I happened to notice a sign that there was a tea room there. It turns out that not only is the original Bonpoint, but that it was once a home as well. It’s a huge store and I loved how they displayed the clothing.

This was a “rug” painted onto the floor in the tea room downstairs. Lots of comfy pillows to lean against while having your tea.

Isn’t this a great display for summer clothing? I loved the silver fish and the blue on the wall to represent the ocean. So creative.

We headed on down the rue and found this little dog bar outside for dogs to get a drink -not a real dog seen here. We went inside and had a rather expensive tea as it was near the Senate and we think that probably there were senators there with us. We could have payed half if we’d been on another street.

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  1. Sometimes the atmosphere is worth the extra cost, huh? I wonder if they redo that wall for every season. It is adorable. I’m sure if I ran across it when my kids were little, I would have bought them some expensive clothes there.

  2. Linda, I’ve been so remiss in commenting these past weeks – life grabbed me and tossed me hither and thither this Summer! Now I hope to stay home a while and catch up on many house projects…….and my blog friends’ posts!!

    Loved looking back over your Provence posts – so many gret memories of my two visits there. Looks like you were busy taking visitors to see all the wonderful sights, such as Pont du Gard. Your lavender is fabulous – will you weave some into those wands like the one I purchased when with you at the Lourmarin market!!!!!?

    A friend from Washington State was just in New Mexico for 10 days – Santa Fe and Albuquerque – said it was 103! At least that’s dry heat – we here in NC are still in the high 90’s with humidity. Now Hurricane Earl has passed and it’s going to be a pleasant Labor Day weekend – 80’s and sunny. Roll on Fall say I! Getting ready to have house painted so have to get out there and cut down all my shrubs and vines around the front porch – sad for me after getting them to grow so well!

    Hugs – Mary

  3. A very creative clothing display. I always enjoy a store that comes up with something other than racks of clothes in a row. And…the French sure love their dogs,don’t they?

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