How You Know Autumn Is Coming In Provence

You know Autumn is on the way in Provence when you start to see golden hues in the leaves of many trees and vineyards, a touch more of coolness every morning, and by a visit to a market. On Sunday we go to a small, local market in St Martin de la Brasque where most of the sellers are local people.

Pumpkins suddenly arrive.

The first appearance of butternut squash.

Purple plums with their dusting of white.

It’s almost time for harvesting of grapes here in Provence and we are starting to see grapes for eating. Maurice particularly loves the green grapes. I’m not a fan of seeds so I usually don’t eat them. Maurice does, seeds and all.

My Santon lady was there again sewing outfits for her Santons denoting villagers.

< Figs are arriving too. I love their purple color.

7 thoughts to “How You Know Autumn Is Coming In Provence”

  1. I love those flat pumpkins. They must be a different kind than the big, round pumpkins we have here. I brought three plums home from the store last week and my 16-year-old said it was the best fruit he’d ever eaten. I need to find some more. Wish I could visit your market!

  2. Such beautiful colors from all of the fall fruit. Those flat pumpkins look so different, I’ll have to see if I can find seeds. The figs, yum! Does the Santon lady make outfits for those dolls, and do the represent something?

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