A Walk After Lunch

We had company over for lunch yesterday and despite threats of showers we got enough sunshine to take a walk afterwards and we showed them the old ruined chateau up near our village.

This is my favorite part of it. Every year a little more has fallen down. Most of it was probably dismantled during the revolution and the stone used to make the newer section next to it.

A very old shutter on the newer section. Even it is starting to fall apart. I think part of the newer section is rented now and then but it was all shut up this time.

The key hole for the front door.

We found an old barn with the door open and there were old cars inside beyond repair and, as you can see, one of them had part of the roof fallen down on it.

The sun came through the clouds as we were there and shown through the leaves starting to show signs of autumn-on of my favorite things: sunlight through leaves.

5 thoughts to “A Walk After Lunch”

  1. Intriguing pictures! The crumbling shutters have such character. I always wonder what the walls would say if they could talk…and those walls have seen a lot. I’m so glad to see these photos. We drove past there every day for a month, always heading farther afield but intending to stop there “one day.”

  2. What a charming place Linda. I always start imagin when I visit places like this. A few weeks ago I passed an abandoned house on a small island near Dubrovnik. I took a photo and wrote a blog post about it. I still weave on my story set there.

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