After The Rain

It poured Tuesday night. I could hear the thunder rumbling as I lay in bed but didn’t get up to look. In the morning over covered porch and everything on it was soaking so there was wind too.

Normally, there is a clear view of the mountains below us but it was filled with fog in the morning and the fog slowly made its way up the hill to our house. Foggy valleys are usually a sign of autumn. I think it will be early this year.

I went out into the chilly air to try and get some photos of raindrops. I need a better lens I think.

Out of focus but I still sort of like it.

I liked the sun shining on a little minature rose bush that I have in a pot.

5 thoughts to “After The Rain”

  1. I think the raindrop photo is lovely. Is that bamboo? I also like the fog in the valley. I wonder if the seasons aren’t moving up. It got very hot early this year and now the fall seems to be rushing too.

  2. I saw raindrops on our leaves this morning, and wanted to take a photo. We were hit by “the bomb” as they are calling that weather system. From the south all the way to the north we had tornado watches and warnings for two days. I won’t complain about the rain, it was very much welcomed.

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