A Long Hike

Whenever I walk or run with Maurice he usually talks me into going further than I wanted to. On this particular day we decided to walk to the top of the mountain behind our house. We have to drive over it to get to Cereste or Apt and it’s pretty steep. I climbed to the top of it once by myself a couple of years ago. I’m not sure what made us decide to try it but the whole hike ended up being two hours long and I spent the rest of the day moaning and groaning everytime I stood up from sitting. At the top of the hill is a fabulous view and of course I didn’t have my camera so somehow we did the climb again so I could take photos.

After you pass through the little village near us and get a bit of the way up the hill, this is what you see.

And then this a little further on. I love how the road curves.

Finally, at the top we see our elevation. We started at 506 meters in the village.

I was ready to head down the way we came but Maurice saw a sign pointing on a hiking trail back to our village. Here and there on trees or rocks you will see colored stripes which tell you that you are on the right trail. It doesn’t always work for us though. We’ve gotten very lost in spite of them.

A look at a steep part of the road we climbed. Made me wonder how I made it.

And finally the view which had me making this trip twice. On the other side of the mountain we could see a long distance to a village a long drive from us and also the beginning of the French Alps.

9 thoughts to “A Long Hike”

  1. Gorgeous views. I can’t imagine having a trail like that in my backyard. I live in very flat Columbus. Was the trail home easier than the hike there?

  2. You must have been up the trail in the Parc d’Luberon. Fantastic views of the valley. And you can drive.
    We biked through there, though we drove up to the trail.

  3. Bonjour!!! Love your blog. Sadly, It will be many years before I am able to travel anywhere as gorgeous as your home. Luckily, I can visit Provence everyday via my short work day at my job. (while the kids are at school) Lavender Fields Farm in sunny, hot Delaware, USA.
    With envy,

  4. Brewier and I got lost in the Chattahoochee National Forest by following the somewhat unreliable trail markers. It was starting to get dark, (and this forest is full of bears,) when we finally stumbled upon a campsite with a ranger station. When we told the ranger what happened to us he replied that it happened all the time because the trail markers just stop. We had wandered all afternoon and ended up miles from where we parked our car!

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