Sunsets and Plums

We’ve been seeing plums in the markets for a few weeks now. I’m only a fan of plums when they are really juicy and that first sort of sour taste from the skin is replaced by the rush of sweet juice from the soft interior.

Usually the plums are all the same color. I liked this mix we got one day.

I had bought some plums that I was less than pleased with-too hard and very little sweetness-so I used them to make a very simple plum cake. It was really good. Maurice and I finished in two days.

We had some clouds the other day at exactly the right time-developing as the sun set. I looked at my window and a rosy glow was flowing in and I went outside and saw this.

I especially liked these swirly clouds. Can you see the crescent of the moon on the left?

8 thoughts to “Sunsets and Plums”

  1. Plums seem very hit or miss. They can be the best or the worst fruit ever and you never know until you take that first bite. Love the colors in the sunset. We are at a place where we don’t get the beautiful colors of either the sunset or the sunrise. Too many trees and buildings, not enough sky to the east and west.

  2. Ooh, that cake looks so good. Most of the plums we get here are either dark red or a very dark blue/purple. Your high school reunion story is very sad….. I don’t know of anyone from my year who has died. From what I can gather from facebook, many haven’t grown up either.

  3. Oh, it still amazes me to see the moon over the beautiful countryside in France then see the same moon over our vineyard here in NSW Australia. Lovely photograh, and would love to eat some of those plums….

  4. I don’t think it would have lasted two days around here! With fall in the air my baking mood is kicking in. Love the sunset colors, almost looks like an Arizona sunset.

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