Market Color

I just can’t take enough photos of fruit and vegetables at markets. You can find just about any color there is at a market.

White-ish eggplants.

No red like that of tomato red.

I love this color found in melons. I’ve always thought a wall in a kitchen painted this color would be fabulous.

Hard to beat the colors of pumpkins too.

Probably won’t see sunflowers much longer.

7 thoughts to “Market Color”

  1. I used to have a kitchen painted in the melon colour, looked lovely with my ceramin plates on .

    Do you know how many photos of Markets I have ?? sorry nor do I.. far to many to count. ha ha , I just cannot stop myself.

  2. Beautiful! That is what I did in Germany too was to take veggie photos. Still lovin that pumpkin, and that melon is so different too. I wish our garden would have done better this year, but at least I know that it wasn’t just us. A lot of people had gardens that did bad around here. At least I can look at all the lovely veggies here.

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