36 Hour in Aix-en-Provence Part 2

To the south of the Cours Mirabeau is an interesting area to explore. If you need some reading material you can also find an English bookstore called Book in Bar Bookstore at #4, rue Joseph Cabassol in this section of town.

The fountain found at Place des Quatre Dauphins. This is found in the area called Mazerin and is one of my favorites.

If you’re lucky, you may get a photo of a lady walking her dog seen through the falling water of the fountain.

Aix has some of the best markets in Provence. Wednesday and Saturday there are many stalls lined up on the Cours Mirabeau mostly selling clothing but also table clothes and a free hand made items. I especially love the vegetable market held daily on Place Richelme which is right before you reach the Hotel de Ville.

You can easily rent bikes in Aix. Instead of being called Velibs as in Paris they are called VHello. Get it? Really though, Aix is so easy to walk around that unless you are going a long distance, you probably won’t need one.

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  1. You know I want to comment on nearly every post you put up…but the comments would always be the same…basically, “What a beautiful feast for the eyes France is!” I get so much pleasure from your photographs,

  2. In Savannah I took a picture of a fish similar to that one that was used at the end of a gutter drain. It was very old, wondering if that is where they got the idea!

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