36 Hours in Aix-en-Provence Part 4

Where to stay in Aix? There aren’t too many places actually in the old section of Aix and most seem to be on the exterior of the city although a short walk to Cours Mirabeau which you will find will almost always be where you start to do anything in Aix.

This is where we stayed. It was a nice hotel, 4 star, bar, lobby, elelvator, swimming pool but, really, just a hotel when it comes down to it. I recommend it if you can’t get into this place:

This is the little lobby. It’s called 28 a Aix, found on 28, rue du 4 Septembre close to Cours Mirabeau. I read about it in the New York Times article on Aix and stopped by to have a look. There’s no pool, no elelvator and there are only four rooms. It not even a B&B. It has a new owner and they were smart enough to keep the services of the manager, Michel, who is a wonderfully friendly guy and who let us in to look around. The rooms were off limits though.

Not your usual lobby.

Wouldn’t you love to have breakfast here every morning? I read that their breakfasts are fabulous and included in the price of the room which wasn’t the case of our hotel. To get a room here you have to book months in advance and July is always fully booked being the big festival month for Aix. The rooms range from 250 to 300 Euros a night or more depending on the season. The next time I have a reason to spend the night in Aix, I’m going to try and get a room here.

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