36 Hours in Aix-en-Provence 5

Where to eat. As I said before, you will have no problems finding places to eat. We even ate at a Tex Mex place for dinner one night for a change and it actually wasn’t too bad but maybe that’s just because I haven’t been in Texas for a while. Although you can eat at one of the many rather posh places on Cours Mirabeau, including the famous les Deux Garcons, it’s more fun to head up the narrow streets and explore and come upon a fun area. When we went into 28 a Aix, the manager, Michel, gave us some recommendations of places to eat.

We picked this place. It has a lovely interior and also an area around a fountain with umbrellas filled with tables. We arrived at noon, a usually early time for the French to eat, and weren’t able to get a table by the fountain, but did sit outside but the restaurant. People stood and waited for tables, a good sign there is good food.

We almost always have rose with our meals.

My Thai salad. It was as good as it looks. Victor’s was a great place for a salad or a chicken sandwich with what looked like really good french fries.
Two other places recommended by Michel that we didn’t get to try: la Table de Ventabren at 1, rue Cezanne, la Mado at 4, place des Precheurs, and a Tomate Verte at 15 rue des Tanneurs-I read they can have very bad service here on Trip Advisor. To find other fun places go to the huge fountain at the end of Cours Mirabeau, go up the first small street to the right, Rue Espariat. You will pass many places. Turn left on the first street after rue des Tanneurs called rue des Bedarrides and then left on the second street off there and you will wind down narrow streets into small squares packed with places to eat. There are also places in front of the Hotel de Ville but they don’t appeal to me as much.

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  1. The red and white cafe looks so charming! So different than what you would usually see or at least from what I have seen in pictures! The salad does look very good too.

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