You might think I’ve been here in Provence madly posting about 36 Hours in Aix en Provence but I actually did those a couple of weeks ago and saved them for posting while we were on a road trip to Italy. We met a friend of mine there and toured around Italy together and had a great time. We drove from Provence all the way down to Siena a really lovely town in Tuscany-took us seven hours.

It’s probably best known for this square with its tower. There is a race on horses here twice a year-the pavement is covered with dirt-and they go around as fast as they can three times. The square is packed with people. The horse riders (usually ringers not from the city) each represent a neighborhood in Siena. We didn’t see this race, by the way, we just imagine it as we stand in the square. I took this photo from a balcony of a store selling ice cream and wine and thought the tower in my glass looked great.

We did the long hot climb to the top of that tower the next day and saw the countryside around Siena.

The view far below of the square or piazza as they say in Italy.

These rings are about six feet off the ground and on buildings all over Siena. They were once used to tied a horse to.

I really wanted to buy a hand painted plate while in Italy but I just couldn’t part with 300 Euros to do so. I only liked the really expensive ones. I bought some things, such as a pretty scarf made in Italy and some spices, just not a plate.

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  1. One of those large plates would be quite a focal point in a kitchen or dining room. The painting quality really looks beautiful…

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