Duomo of Siena

The main basilica or duomo in Siena is stunningly beautiful.

The exterior is made of black and white marble arranged in stripes.

The interior too. It is a massive place.

The floors are covered with striking marble art, not all about the Bible but some alllegories.

Another one. The light was bad so I didn’t get too many successful photos inside.

This rather spooky looking object was in the Santa Dominica Basilica devoted to Saint Catherine, the patron saint of Siena, and a sign said it was her head. Her thumb was there as well. Her foot, for some reason, can be found in Venice. She is said to have convinced the Pope to move back from Avignon to Rome.

On a totally different, non-religious, note, I saw these newly washed teddy bears hanging out to dry and wondered why they all had to be washed. Maybe a school?

9 thoughts to “Duomo of Siena”

  1. The use of materials in the duomo really is extraordinary and memorable.The contrast of ochre and the gray shading on the floors is just spectacular.
    There was quite a business in trading saint’s relics in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, along with alleged bits of the True Cross. Some of the reliquaries made to contain them are jeweled treasures.

  2. Wonderful pictures of the architecture. And I love the teddy bears. The one on the far right looks quite grumpy about his present situation.

  3. The photos are really striking. I’ve never seen photos of the church before and you did a great job capturing the feel of it. Spooky looking saint head. Yikes!

  4. Whoops! I posted my “teddy bear” comment on the wrong day. I love that photo of the washed teddy bears! So cute!

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