San Gimignano

A small, walled medieval walled town and a Unesco site, San Gimignano was next on our list. It was said to be very touristy and I guess it was, but I still enjoyed our visit there. It once had forty towers but is now down to fourteen.

One of several large piazzas in the village.

A view of just a few of the towers there.

There were many shops selling local products such as, boar sausage.

We found a great place to eat and had some of the very good local white wine. You know the book, and now film, Eat, Pray, Love? I could write one called Eat, Eat, Eat because I did a lot of it in Italy.

As noted by my plate of lasagna-very tasty.

The view from the window by our table. Isn’t it fabulous? I just loved Tuscany. I found it much greener than Provence and packed with hills. Provence has hills but there seem to be more flat areas in between the perched villages and many valleys.

Maurice had this good looking boar stew with polenta. In this restaurant, and many others, the people working there took one look at Maurice and started speaking in French to him. He doesn’t look that different from the Italian to me but what do I know.

9 thoughts to “San Gimignano”

  1. What a view 🙂
    There is something special about Italy, it has completely captured my heart.
    (kind of like what Paris is in the process of doing these days……)

  2. Oh, this is taking me back to some wonderful days in Tuscany! We usually stay near Pienza but have explored all the beautiful towns, villages and backroads in Tuscany on several visits.

    Looks like you had an amazing holiday…the words eat, drink and be merry were surely written about Tuscany!

  3. Ah, now THIS town, I do know from a movie: Tea with Mussolini, which was about a group of British female ex-pats who chose to stay during the war, and what they endured. I can’t recall if it was based on a true story or not (it may have been), but I remember the village with many towers and how charming it seemed. You have really made me want to take a long tour of Tuscany with these posts. Love them!

  4. I haven’t been to Tuscany but Lake como and Liguria … Love the food in these areas..

    I am trying to decide which I country I love best … I know I love Paris .. but as for the country I am stuck ..

  5. There must be subtle clues that identify our national origins to others…I am mistaken for being a local in some places- until I open my mouth!
    I love towers; it’s a shame that earthquakes and wars have toppled so many.

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