Montalcino is a full out wine town like Napa Valley or Bordeaux except it’s all compressed into one village. We passed vineyard after vineyard while going there and it was just about harvest time. The village itself was nice but not my favorite.

Wine tasting stores all over the place.

We did a wine tasting at this fancy place. They gave you a card which you stuck in a slot. Then you pushed a button for the wine you wanted to taste and a small amount came into your waiting glass. I have to say that I think I prefer French wine, at least the ones I’ve tried. I’m not a huge fan of red wine to start with but if there is a lot of tannic acid and oak taste, I’m not a fan. I like light red wines like those in Provence or the Loire Valley. I found in Italy that I prefered the plain old table wine. If we spent any money on a bottle I didn’t like it as well. I guess my palate just isn’t developed.

A shot of some of those grapes growing by the roadside. They were so ripe and heavy that they were starting to fall on the ground.

A view of a tower that we saw as we ate lunch there and drank, of course, some of the local wine. The Brunello is what is famous here but I liked the cheaper variety called Rossa being an amateur.

A closeup of the tower with its interesting shields with family crests.

I wish this were a little clearer. One of my favorite things in Tuscany was the countryside, especially the cyprus trees running along the crest of a hill or leading up curving roads to a house. I thought Tuscany would be a lot like Provence but it wasn’t. It was much more hilly and green. Provence has many more valleys and flat areas and is much dryer. I don’t know if I like Tuscany more than Provence but I did think it was more beautiful.

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  1. It seems like your taste for wine should be enough. If it’s good and you like it then who are the experts to say this one is better. Is your husband an expert?

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