I had never heard of Ravenna before nor of the eight Unesco sites there of fabulous mosaics. After we left Tuscany we made a stop here and saw two of the sites and those mosaics, spent the night and then headed to Venice.

This was in San Vital. My camera wasn’t up to taking photos far away in dim light but I have a few photos to give you an idea of just how wonderful they were.

Hard to believe this isn’t a painting.

This was in a tiny chapel behind the church and it was really dark. You were asked to just spend five minutes inside to help cut down on contamination. Every inch was covered in mosaics.

I really had to photoshop this to get it lighter so the color isn’t true. I just liked it with the robes flowing out behind him.

8 thoughts to “Ravenna”

  1. Wow. The colors are so intense. Sometimes it makes me wonder if life in medieval times were that much more intense. I’m amazed they were able to capture these colors and scenes.

  2. I can only say, “What a joy!!” The UNESCO World Heritage sites are the treasures that reflect and honor all of humanity. Seeing this kind of extraordinary beauty will stay with you forever.

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Ravenna, at least since Art History 101 in college. I’m so JEALOUS! I mean, uh, happy for you of course πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing the pics!

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