Is there a more dreamy city than Venice with all of those canals and narrow streets and curving bridges? I think it is so thrilling to get on your first vaporetta and start up the Grand Canal getting the first look of the architecture and way of life there. I took so many photos.

The first thing I noticed was how high the water was, a problem Venice has been having lately. The water level was going down by the time we arrived and it never covered the streets or squares again while we were there. I’m sure most floors at canal level aren’t usable anymore.

This is blurry as I was on a moving boat and it wasn’t very close, but I loved these people sitting outside at tables with the water about ankle deep. They all had on rubber boots and were just waiting for the water to subside. The lady who met us to take us to our apartment wore knee high rubber boots too.

It’s magic to see gondolas docked everywhere. Notice the people walking on raised walkways in the background. When the water level goes down, the walkways are pushed aside and I saw many people using them to sit on, especially in Saint Marc’s Square.

The canal right next to our apartment building.

I was really surprised going down the stairs one time when I looked out the window expecting to see pedestrains and saw a gondola instead.

A gondola traffic jam.

A striped wooden pilon to tie your gondola to.

More photos to come.

7 thoughts to “Venice”

  1. I totally fell in love with Venice, and never expected to. Think we might go back there next May for my 50th and hopefully it won’t be under water; I lucked out on my first visit three years ago, no flooding at all!

  2. Magic! I hope that I will be able to see it before it goes under water. I love to read books by the author Donna Leon. Hers are all set in Venice so it is wonderful to see all of these pictures.

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