Venice 2

More shots of Venice. One of the best things I did while there was get up very early one morning and wander the streets taking photos, just me and some other photographers. I like it best that way. Even in September, Venice is absolutely packed with tourists.

This green color caught my eye.

A mermaid knocker perhaps?

An oar, obviously. We didn’t take a gondola ride but did do a short trip across the Grand Canal on a sort of public gondola for just .50 Euro.

All of the gondolas are covered up in blue plastic protection when tied up.

I liked the light pouring into this canal.

4 thoughts to “Venice 2”

  1. Beautiful photos of a sleeping Venice. I am enjoying your trip so much. Thanks Linda, for sharing with all of us!

  2. It is the details, the light, the colors which make it so unique. Lovely to see it without the distraction of too many people.

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