Venice 3

You didn’t think I was done with Venice did you?

All sorts of romantic little bridges are seen in Venice.

This was a door handle on a store selling very expensive shoes. I just looked in the window.

A lot of Saint Marc’s Square is covered with scaffolding so only parts of the cathedral roof there can be photographed.

The square is usually packed with tourists, so much so that we avoided it as much as possible. I took this photo early in the morning before tourists were up and about. One afternoon we heard some music as we crossed the square and saw that there was a band playing very nice music and that you could sit at a table looking at the view and listen to it. We found out when we paid the bill that we were charged 6 euros each to listen to the music. Still worth it. The bells in the church chimed while we sat there too. Did I mention that we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary while there? A nice place to be then.

Many bridges to cross in Venice-again, another shot where I liked the light.

4 thoughts to “Venice 3”

  1. Soaring. That’s the word I thought of when I saw that first shot and the Saint Marc’s square cathedral tops. Love the light in all these pictures.

  2. Love the design repetition: arches, domes, crosses, steps…every photo is a lesson in design. You’re never really done with Venice.

  3. Love that first photo. I have always wanted to go there. The door handle is totally cool, I probably would have wanted to see just how expensive as I love shoes!

  4. Just realized I had commented on all since my last visit. I was so entranced by all of it, and now I’m caught up again. I so enjoy reading your blog, all the places that you go too, you make it so enjoyable. Now it is late so I guess I’ll call it a night, and hopefully dream of all these beautiful places.
    Take Care,

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