Market Light

We are now in Paris. If you go by my blog, it looks like we have been in Italy for several weeks but that was just my loading up some of my many photos and getting blog postings all put together while it was all fresh in my mind. After our trip we were home a couple of weeks getting the house and yard ready for winter when we aren’t in Provence-it can get very cold there-and came back to our apartment in Paris to get familiar with it as we haven’t actually been in it since we bought it except for moving in, find where we put everything and figure out how to get more storage out of what we have. We really miss the huge walk in closet that we had in our old place. We are thinking we will put some cabinets in the bathroom and buy another amoire just for starters.
The days are getting darker and shorter so when the sun comes out it’s always amazing. I love to be in a wide open place in Paris such as a big square like Bastille or Nation especially in the morning or evening as the sun shines its spotlight on the view in front of me. The other morning we were at a market shopping for the week mostly in shade as the entire market is covered with awnings and giant umbrellas to either protect from the sun or the rain so when the sun suddenly made its way into the interior of the market and hit some vegetables, I noticed.

This is what first caught my eye.

Head of cabbage with light shining through its leaves.

A closeup of said cabbage. I thought it looked so pretty.

7 thoughts to “Market Light”

  1. The sunshine makes everything prettier — even cabbage leaves. Of course, you filled up on sunshine through the summer in Provence and Italy. I never realized how rare the sunshine is in Paris. Maybe the original inhabitants had more time to focus on art and beauty since they weren’t lazing around in the sun!

  2. There is beauty in so many places we might over look. You always manage to bring them out and call our attention to them.
    I love boiled cabbage and potatoes with sausages. Yum.

  3. Hi Linda you are a lucky lady 🙂 to have been to such wonderful places. And to live in Paris . Great photos in all the previous posts. My husband as no time to travel only for his job 🙁 , great that you have a place in Provence too!

    As you say when the sun does catch the fruits et légumes makes a difference. I think its great that you can get protected from the rain or the sun at the markets :-)more browsing, here we make a dash for it, but still get wet 🙂

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