Ice Tea

Maurice used to tell me that November can be very warm here in Paris and, so far, he’s been right. It was almost up to 70 yesterday. I put on a light coat and my most summery scarf before venturing outside. The other day I met a friend at the famous Tea shop, Marriage Freres. They have very nice teas and incredible desserts and light lunches too. I like to take people in here to have a look around and to just breath in the wonderful fragrance. The waiters (never have seen a woman except at the checkout area-hmm) wear vests and cute white bow ties. It was so warm we both ordered their ice tea.

They bring this interesting book along with the menu. It’s full of fascinating facts about tea. What a history this drink has. You can buy it here at the store too.

The tea comes in these enormous glasses and there is usually actually enough ice, not always easy to find in France. I had Marco Polo Red-I love the fruity flavor-and my friend had a “white” tea, Esprit de Noel. It’s not cheap to have tea here though. You will have sticker shock when you get your bill.

I loved the shape of their sugar bowl so much that I bought one. I also got the cute little spoon but we never use it as Maurice only uses sugar cubes in his tea and coffee and I use little tablets of a sugar substitute. I bring it out for company though along with the sweet little round milk pot.

8 thoughts to “Ice Tea”

  1. I love the sugar pot, but I don’t put sugar in anything and my husband uses cubes, too.
    It’s so very nice out here in Provence…I’m going for a photo walk today. The vines are yellow and red 🙂

  2. But you could store the cubes in the cute sugar bowl. We always stock up on sugar cubes when we visit France because we can’t find them locally. I’m glad I poured my tea and it is steeping before I read your blog. Mine is vanilla cinnamon tea. I haven’t heard of this tea shop but would love to try it.

  3. I’m assuming it is the brown sugar cubes that are hard to find- I buy them at Cost Plus World Market. Of course you can put them in the sugar bowl, then find a pretty pair of antique silver sugar tongs to serve them.
    Iced tea in Paris?! I think I have some of the Esprit de Noel in my tea cupboard, never thought of drinking it iced!

  4. Hi dear – loving the posts from your Italian vacation…….Poire william on a mountain hike, how decadent is that!!
    Venice is at the top of my list – and those Dolomites are gorgeous.

    Always longed to sit in Marriage Freres for a cuppa – yes, know it’s expensive but one must do these things at least once in a lifetime if the opportunity arises, right?

    We use brown sugar cubes – and yes I have the little antique silver tongs – a gift from my brother when were shopping in our home town years ago…….ah the memories small things bring!

    Happy week dear Linda, from a now chilly North Carolina.

  5. I’m always afraid to ask for iced tea in Europe, I’ve had some pretty funny looks in the past! Oooh, and the book is in English! Bonus! I love that sugar bowl and spoon too!

  6. I am drinking my cup of hot tea right now as it is a little chilly here, but we have had warm enough weather lately to be able to drink ice tea. I don’t know if I could handle the sticker shock as ice tea is a big southern thing, but it would be fun to visit the shop! The sugar bowl is adorable!

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