The Quick and the Dead

Wasn’t that the title of a book or a movie? In any case, I have more photos from my sunny day at Pere Lachase.

This goddess used to be plain gray. I’m not sure who painted her this golden color but I like it.

This unusual tomb was new to me too. It said, “Viva la Revolution” in another area.

The roots of trees can do some serious damage to tombs.

I love this weeping goddess. I saw it in a book a long time ago and, I’m not sure how, I managed to find it where it sits below the tomb of Chopin.

The flower beds are done really nicely here. I don’t know if you can see it, but the Eiffel Tower is far in the background. Pere Lachase sits on a hill which is probably why I could see the tower.

Moss and leaves.

6 thoughts to “The Quick and the Dead”

  1. That tower turns up everywhere you go in Paris. The sunshine and the leaves crunching underfood and millions of interesting things to photograph. Sounds like a perfect day.

  2. The weeping goddess is beautiful just like the one with the golden paint is beautiful. I need to post some of the ones from Savannah where they use to have the statue that was used in The Garden of Good and Evil. Yes, I think the Quick and The Dead was a Clint Eastwood movie!

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