Early Morning Light

Pretty soon after the sun is up, I try and get out and do some exercise. On the way to the area where I run/speed walk, I can get a view of this great fountain on Place Felix Eboue with the morning light shining through it. I like it so much that one day I remembered to take my camera with me so I could get some shots.

Rather beautiful I think.

The water isn’t always running for some reason. Sometimes it is left running during a cold spell and the water gets frozen. They outline the fountain, lions and all, in lights at Christmas which is really lovely.

Eight lions ring around the center section “roaring” water.

From a distance.

5 thoughts to “Early Morning Light”

  1. Great fountain and morning light. I was just noticing this morning the way the sun slants in almost horizontally this time of year early in the morning. We’re having the most beautiful weather and I may head out for a hike later today. No fountains though, or lions.

  2. Beautiful fountain in the morning sunlight. I think that fountains make beautiful photos, and wish we had more of them. I really don’t like the super modern ones!

  3. Isn’t it wonderful to be up early, when the rest of your city is quiet? Gorgeous morning light makes your photos even more wonderful. Take care!

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