Roses are such a romantic flower. I love to receive them-who doesn’t? One of my favorite flower shops in Paris is Au Nom de la Rose. There are many of them in Paris and each one is a show stopper. People come to a stop when they see the displays outside which are always so artistically done.

They use cute little tables and chairs for their exterior displays.

So sweet.

It so great when something not only looks fabulous but smells fantastic.

Ah, life. Ah, love.

6 thoughts to “Roses”

  1. Floral designing runs in my family as I have had two aunts with a shop, and then I worked in one too as a fun thing to do. So, I always love to see floral shops in Europe as they provide such different, inspiring, and beautiful designs. Oh, the colors that they put together are stunning. I would love to walk along and take photos of the different shops, but no can do right now. So, I’m enjoying the ones you provide!

  2. Oh, the roses are gorgeous. The florist by me also uses tables and chairs sometimes to display the flowers and it makes them look so sweet that way. You are more apt to buy then I think.
    Are they expensive in Paris?

  3. If Amsterdam is synonymous with tulips, then Paris is with roses, I suppose! Everything about roses spells romance, I bet it fits the city very well.

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