Dinner at Chartier

I’ve heard of Chartier for quite a while as it is known for it’s inexpensive menu, family style tables, crowds and sometimes grumpy waiters, but it wasn’t until a friend took us there that I got to try it.

If you don’t get there early, there’s a line.

The waiters write your orders on the paper table cloth.

One view of the interior. It was a hot day and it isn’t air conditioned although there are ceiling fans. We sat under a balcony and it was much cooler.

They add up your bill on the table too. It’s very reasonable. The steak is tasty and they have good french fries. We got to sit at a table by ourselves too.

5 thoughts to “Dinner at Chartier”

  1. And I thought Parisian waiters are renowned for their grumpiness? 😛

    Anyway, I was expecting you to post some pictures of the food!

  2. Wow just look at the queue .. I do hope the food is good .. and what a novel way to get served or should I say your order to be taken 🙂

  3. I remember going there, I don’t remember any queues like that though!

    A lot of movies have used it as a location, like A Very Long Engagement (Jean Jeunet)and a Jean-Paul Belmondo/Alain Delon movie.

    I don’t remember the food being very interesting but I loved the low prices and the restaurant is gorgeous.

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