Saint Madeleine-Sophie

Last June visited a church in Paris called Saint Francis Xavier.

The ceiling. On it was written each place Francis Xavier had traveled.

My friend, a resident of Lafayette, Louisiana, had attended a Sacred Heart school there and had a lot of information about it as she was taught the history by the nuns of the Sacred Heart Order. She especially wanted to visit this church because the body of Sainte Madeleine-Sophie Barat lies there. She was born during the French Revolution, educated by her priest brother and eventually founded a school for girls leading to the Sacred Heart Schools. Her order is often called the Lady Jesuits. Her body was in Belgium due to an anti-Clerical movement in France at the time but returned to Paris in 2009.

Here she is in “incorruptable” form, that is not decaying. I have my doubts but I could be proved wrong. The nuns at my friend’s school wore the same outfits. Because she went there, she speaks French, the lucky thing.

Her hands.

A statue of King Louis IX, who became a saint. I can’t remember ever seeing a statue of him before, especially one where he looks so kingly.

3 thoughts to “Saint Madeleine-Sophie”

  1. The church is beautiful. Those relics — ick! I can’t believe I’m Catholic when there are so many things I disagree with. The body looks like it is bronzed or covered in gold.

  2. I’ve seen the same thing in Thailand, the Monk there was much less covered up, he just had a one-shouldered red robe so you could see most of his body, it was very disconcerting.

  3. Not a fan of the body. Kind of scary. She looks waxen. I suppose if its hermetically sealed she might be ‘okay’.
    The ceiling is awesome

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