While We Were There

Can you stand another post on Pere Lachaise?
While a friend and I were at a brocante right next to the Pere Lachaise cemetery we decided to go in quickly just to look around. It was packed with people most looking for Jim Morrisson’s grave I think. There’s always something there to sooth or surprise you.

I love how there are little streets between the tombs all lined with trees.

I think this person loved painting and flowers.

This one caught my eye-both the color and the fact that you could see his profile sticking out.

Closeup of an angel. Her hair and profile were what drew me over to take a photo.

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  1. Maybe by the time we’re being buried, we’ll be able to put a full color photo on the headstone. I’m coming to France to have you take one of me. Love your pictures.

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