Away: Park Bench

Through the magic of the internet I have actually been away from Paris for a couple of weeks now visiting friends and family in the States. I spent Thanksgiving in Arizona with my parents and my oldest son and his family. We ate too much and watched football on TV and I took the grandkids to a movie, sort of a tradition in our family on Thanksgiving. Both of my parents have been having health issues and I was sort of expecting the worst but, luckily, they both seem to be doing pretty well. I’m glad I could be with them anyway. That’s the hard part about living across the ocean from family-you never know when they will need you.
I found an old photo that I liked in my archives, one of a park bench I took many years ago. I loved the light and shadow.

A bench in the park at Place des Vosges.

I hope all of you who read my blog had a great Thanksgiving.

7 thoughts to “Away: Park Bench”

  1. We, too, ate too much and are very grateful for being able to do so. Glad you had a happy day, and best wishes to you and yours.

  2. So glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. It makes a difference, doesn’t it? And, you got to watch some great football if you were watching today. I can’t believe Alabama clutched at the end.

  3. I hope your visit is refreshing for all – I was just with my parents in the U.S. (Alaska!) in October – just to be with them, to sit and hold hands and soak each other in.

    As I’m married to a vegetarian, I don’t attempt a proper Thanksgiving Dinner here in Zurich. But our pasta was wonderful!

  4. So pleased you managed to get back to the states for your Thanksgiving and saw your parents .. it must be hard living so far away. Thanks for the little reminder of Paris 🙂 take care.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! It’s one holiday you need to celebrate in AMerica! (well I guess July 4th also…but in France you have Bastille Day so you don’t miss it)

  6. We spent Thanksgiving with our daughter’s family and friends just a short distance from you and enjoyed the relatively balmy weather. By the time we came back up the mountain the cold front had made it’s way from the coast and we got a dusting of snow. It’s all good!
    Great to hear that all is going even better than expected with the trip- enjoy!

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