Coast To Coast

It’s been a busy month. We landed in New York City and had a great few days. Then we flew to Dallas to visit my son and while there, drank a few margaritas and ate Mexican food and barbeque. From there we went to Austin where Maurice and I visited our old haunts. We met there and lived there for a little while when we were first married. There’s a wonderful area called Town Lake where we went every day to jog and we revisited some favorite restaurants and had our fill of migas, a Tex Mex type of breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, tortillas, tomatoes, cheese topped with salsa. Soooo good.
Then on to Arizona to visit my parents. We stayed there for a week where I took my Dad to Doctor’s appointments and I did a lot of cooking to give my mother a break. We jogged just about every day while there in a park with a path that circles a duck and goose filled pond-water too, of course. As you can see, we are trying to get back into an exercise mode. I am not a natural runner. I’m very slow and I don’t enjoy it that much but I want to get my weight down and keep healthy. So does Maurice so we are trying to eat well and exercise. Can margaritas be counted on as a source of Vitamin C.
Next we flew to los Angeles. When we arrived at the airport in Phoenix to take our flight on Southwest Airlines we found an enormous line of probably 300 to 400 people, even those who had checked in online. For some reason, when Maurice got our tickets online we were given priority status although we hadn’t paid extra. To our surprise and delight we were able to go to the front of the line, then to the surprisingly short security line. We had so much spare time, we sat in a cafe and had coffee and breakfast. We are staying on the beach in Hermosa Beach, in the area of LA called the Beach Cities. It’s one of my favorite areas in the States. We can see the ocean breaking on the shore from our hotel room. Unfortunately, a cold front arrived with us along with wind but it’s so beautiful I think we can survive. We will be here a few days then drive up north a little way and explore there. Then back to Dallas for one night before heading back to Paris.
Below, another favorite photo taken years ago.

I love this bridge. There are so many interesting objects to photograph-not to mention the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

6 thoughts to “Coast To Coast”

  1. You are only a few miles away from me, when normally you are so very far away. I hope you are enjoying our California sunshine today….though the temps are still very cold (for us Californians, that is….I can hear the laughter now from those who lives in truly cold climates!)

  2. Wait……you got to Italy just after we came home and now you’re in So Cal? Yes! I’ll email you….

    Welcome to cold and windy So Cal. Glad you were able to be in AZ for the holidays.

  3. Those migas sound YUMMY! Wow, you’re really on a whirlwind U.S. trip (and we are in Paris …). Good on you and enjoy!

    Maybe we can cross paths in person later this year … or someday!

    Cheers and happy travels.

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