The figure on top of the column in Bastille is called the Genie. It always looks fabulous when the sun is shining.

A view of Genie way down Rue Faubourg St Antoine.

A closeup from the same place.

I’ve posted a similar photo of this sign before. It is the Genie holding a baguette and a pastry located just down the street from Place de la Bastille over the door of a patisserie.

I’m posting this from Santa Barbara-what a beautiful city. We visited Solvang yesterday, a town established in 1911 by Danish Americans and it has many buildings built in the Danish style along with some fake storks on the roofs for luck. We had some Danish food for lunch along with an interesting dessert-round pastry (baked) topped with raspberry jam and powdered sugar. Very good.
We leave tomorrow for Dallas where we spend the night. Then off to NYC and Paris. It’s going to be a long two days.

3 thoughts to “Genie”

  1. The second picture of the genie looks distinctly like Tinkerbell. You’ve really covered the country with your travel. Glad you’ve been in warm places so you can keep running. I’ve been huddled indoors grading papers.

  2. I love Solvang! So glad that you have had such a fabulous trip. Enjoy your journey home and the joys of Paris during the holidays!

  3. When I was a little girl, my grandparents lived in Sunnyvale; I have wonderful memories of visiting Solvang with them and falling in love with the place! Thanks for the memories šŸ™‚

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