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Here are some photos I took in October before we headed to the States. I’ll probably post some photos from our trip too soon. I think a blog is wonderful for that. No one is as interested in my photos so they languish on my hard drive but thanks to the internet there always seems to be someone in the world of blogs who likes to look at the photos of others. I sure do.

I like this sign up on Montmartre.

This sign is right across from the one of the black cat.

I can’t remember if I actually posted this photo before or just thought about it. I’m suffering from jet lag and have been up since 4 AM, thus the mental confusion. In any case, I loved the sun shining on the Garnier Opera House with that dramatic dark sky behind it.

Doesn’t this table setting make you want to eat here? I read somewhere that red and white checked table clothes in a French restaurant usually means the food isn’t good-that it’s just a way to trick people inside-but I haven’t found this to be true. I have this restaurant on my list of places to try. It’s near our apartment. I don’t think we will be eating outside though as we could have on the day I took this photo. It’s cold and gray in Paris right now and we may get a bit of snow later on.

7 thoughts to “This and That”

  1. Hello,

    I love travel photos – and always enjoy your pics of Paris. I agree about the red napkin; anything featuring my favorite color is like a magnet that draws me right on in 🙂

  2. In Paris, I don’t even need the color red to want to sit down in a restaurant and eat! Love the sparkling in the wine glass, and, of course, the black cat sign is delightful. I enjoy seeing your vacation pictures because you always find an odd angle or a reflection that makes the scene unique.

  3. I never get enough of your pictures around Paris, Provence and anywhere else in between. They are always so lovely, that they make me wanna make a visit to France asap! 😀

  4. The opportunity to dine anywhere in Paris sounds lovely…with any color of napkin and a wine glass. I really like the cat on the gallery sign. I agree…any of your pics are fun to share. Thanks

  5. Any chance to grab lunch one day next week? I’ve got phonetics class until 1:30 every day (corner of blvd Raspail/Montparnasse) but maybe you’d like to come over that way and meet me? We could hit one of those great Montparnasse cafes, like the Dome, La Coupole, or what-have-you. Only day not good for me is Friday, when I’m skipping French classes altogether to concentrate on PACKING for our early flight on Saturday. Let me know, it would be great to see you before the holidays (and we can do dinner out with the “boys” in January).

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