As I said before, the nice thing about blogging is that there is someone who actually wants to look at your photos. So, since I have so many, I’m going to post them for a few posts.

We stayed in a different part of New York City and saw some new things. This was the Chelsey Market, full of gourmet stores and places to eat. My only complaint is that there weren’t enough places provided to sit. We managed to find two stools at a good place there and I had a really good salad.

This is a walkway created on an old elevated railroad track called the High Line. I don’t know if they got the idea from Paris or not where there is the Promenade Plantee. I think Paris did a much better job with some really wonderful plants and structures. The High Line used plants that grew there originally along the railroad track, i.e., weeds, and I just couldn’t get excited. Also, it wasn’t very long, only a few blocks, but it was on our list and we saw it.

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