And then there was Texas. We saw family in Dallas and then went to Austin where I was living when I met Maurice. He had worked there for 7 years when we met. We have lots of good memories from our time there.

Of course we had barbeque. Can you see the wood stacked in front and the smoke coming out of the chimney? Such good meat. I always get sliced brisket and slather it with barbeque sauce. This is the food I probably miss the most in France.

Austin is know for Town Lake, which is actually a sort of dammed up Colorado River. There is a great jogging trail that goes around it and we used it every day.

As you can see, we had beautiful weather while there, if a bit chilly.

Some uplifting grafitti for a jogger.

One day we saw this girl tight rope walking on a rope strung up along a bridge. I have no idea why.

Another thing Austin is known for is migas, eggs with tortilla strips, tomatoes, chilies, cheese and onions. You eat it with a tortilla. Good stuff. Another reason why we kept up the jogging.

Yes, we did a lot of eating. These fabulous french fries were at the Hyde Park Grill. They are the best fries ever. (oink).

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  1. What a great idea to practice tight rope walking over the water. That way, if she falls, she hits the water. Although that rope tied around her waist would probably hurt her more. The food looks yummy. It’s hard to imagine missing food when living in France, but I can see it.

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