Next we went to Arizona. My parents live in Scottsdale and have recently had some health problems. A heart arrythymia was discovered in my mother after a fall and she had to have her heart “shocked” twice to get it back to a regular rythm. My father has Parkinson’s which is bad enough but has developed some sort of black out condition, almost like a “silent” seizure. He can be sitting and suddenly is staring into space and unresponsive and then it’s over. While we were there he was having all sorts of tests to see what was wrong. We still haven’t heard the results of them all yet. That’s the hard part about living in France-the not being readily available when serious health issues come up. I’m not sure how we will handle it all when needed. I’m sure we will work things out as they arise. In any case, I did a lot of cooking so my mother could rest. My mother brought out some photos and I just have to post them. I can’t believe how incredible they looked when young.

Here is my Dad in his Navy uniform when he was 20 or so. Wasn’t he a handsome devil?

And here’s my mother at 17. I think she was fabulous looking. She always tells me that she had a 19 inch waist too.

We went hiking in the area one day and you can tell we are in Arizona by the cactus. Our hike was supposed to be followed by jogging but that hike kicked my butt. I’m not a good hiker for some reason. We blessed by incredible weather in AZ too, although it also was a little chilly.

4 thoughts to “USA 3”

  1. Everyone from the World War II era seems more glamorous, don’t they? Your parents are gorgeous. Glad you got to scan the pictures into your computer so you’ll always have them.

  2. What stunning photos – such a handsome father and beautiful mother.

    Welcome back to Paris. Just enjoyed catching up on your blog and photos – fabululous as always! We left Paris just after you got back but one of these days I hope our paths cross there.

    Cheers from chilly NJ.

  3. My gosh your mother is so beautiful. Your Dad isn’t too shabby either.
    Its hard to be so far away but, you will work it out somehow.
    I hope all the best for their health.

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