French Comfort Food

It’s cold here in Paris with snow on the way and like any other place that gets cold weather, comfort food is the norm. One of the dishes served in France (not macarroni and cheese or chili) when it’s cold is Pot au Feu which is a boiled beef and vegetable dinner. It’s very good. We went with a friend to a restaurant near her apartment called le Roi de Pot au Feu where this dish is a speciality. It’s small and crowded-luckily, no longer smokey-and the table are covered with the famous French red and white checked table clothes with napkins to match.

Behind the bar. They had a collection of cows too.

The ceiling.

Here it is. I actually had a salad with the beef on top with a few vegetables and vinaigarette which I love. The waiter wasn’t happy with me though. He said I needed a hot dish on such a cold night. It was so good that I think I will go back for lunch and have it again.

Only red wine is served. It was inexpensive and very good-mild.

My friend putting mustard on her plate to eat with the beef. Most French people use it with meat. I do know one French person who doesn’t like it and I know two Frenchmen who don’t like cheese, so there you go.

The finished product. Maurice likes to eat the marrow of the bone. He says it’s the best part. I haven’t tried it yet but I probably should. I didn’t think I liked fois gras but I love it now.

We did a little food staging for this photo.

13 thoughts to “French Comfort Food”

  1. Definetly a winter warmer .. Looks tasty, would give it a try anyway. Think I would prefer with the hot veg, not salad though. I have not had Macaroni Cheese for years, not something I think to eat.

  2. I bet it smells wonderful when you walk in the door….that looks like a very delicious, hearty dish. My husband, who is mostly of Irish descent, love mustard on beef like that too. Akin to horseradish on roast beef perhaps?

  3. My mouth is watering! This looks so delicious, Linda. I’m going to look this place up!

    I’m one American that LOVES the mustard here. I even lick the spoon I use to dollop it on my salads and chicken and sometimes veggies. I have a full set of mustard glasses from loving it so much, lol. I love the way it can clear out one’s sinuses. I also notice the cornichons up there. I love those, too. Clearly, I need to go here! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this! (And I am sorry it has been an age since I have commented here. I have been peeking in now and again via your Facebook posts about your blogs over the past couple of months, so please keep putting alerts there! It helps me remember to visit. Thank you!)

  4. I see potatoes and carrots. I’ll have that please! 😉

    How about a French who doesn’t like wines? Is there any? 😀

  5. I know one Frenchman who doesn’t like cheese, and one Frenchwoman who has never eaten yoghurt! As for mustard, how could you not like it with meat or with frites?

  6. Oh, Linda….red wine, hot beef dish with veggies sounds so great any time and especially on a cold day or night. This would fats become a favorite place for me.

  7. I can’t imagine a restaurant specialized in pot-au-feu but I guess in Paris, tout est possible!

    I used to make this quite often, but got out of the habit when my girls stopped liking it. The post made my mouth water though, so I may try it again one of these days.

    I must admit I have never eaten the bone marrow…

  8. I am going to try a classic recipe for this during the upcoming week. The dish made me hungry.
    The ceiling light is wonderful. Great photo.

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