Lights in the Park

I was on Rue du Rivoli right across from the Tuleries Garden when I saw the lights of a carrousel and decided to cross the street and take a look. It has been snowing in Paris but it warmed up a bit and there was slush left on the ground so I squelshed my way to the carrousel took a photo and then noticed that the ferris wheel was there again, as it is every December.

The carrousel looking rather forlorn. It sort of reminds me of the lamp post in Narnia sitting in the snow. It was a little chilly for a ride.

As seen through the trees.


Notice the obelisk in the middle. The ferris wheel looks Christmasy to me.

Once again I have sunk into my Christmas blues. I wish I knew where it came from. I know it started when I got divorced and just found the whole holiday season down right depressing. I haven’t even put up a tree or hung a wreath on the front door. Part of it too, if I am being truthful, is that I hate shopping for gifts. Why is that? What does it mean? I find it so stressful and have trouble finding gifts that I like to give to others. Is it genetic? Am I putting to much pressure on myself? I have a friend arriving from the States on Christmas day and I am looking forward to that, and the end of the Christmas season for that matter. Scrooge doesn’t have much on me.

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  1. Linda – its that time of year and its bloody cold and that does not help!
    I think you don’t like to buy presents for you worry too much if they will like it – I don’t see you “mean” at all .
    Relax darling , you are in Paris and that is special (even if its cold) . I am in Australia and its darn cold right now which is so weird – so much for global warming 🙂

  2. I agree that the carousel does look forlorn and maybe Lucy should have come out of the wardrobe to find a carousel rather than a lamp post. The center of the ferris wheel is like a big Christmas ornament. Buying presents is draining. I don’t know how to get around it. I guess I could buy throughout the year whenever I see something that I think someone would like. Then I’d have a stash of thoughtful gifts.
    Just don’t get too blue to write your blog. Your readers need you!

  3. Hello Linda .. next year the answer is simple … hire me to do your shopping in Paris, could go together.. … I love buying presents , I love shopping .. But no you are not being mean at all ..Relax and take the pressure off yourself .. put a tree up just a small one will be fine. And yes You are in Paris , very special 🙂 Love the ferris wheel .. I remember seeing this in September…!

  4. Linda – I think it is your bad luck to have an unpleasant event happen at this time of year, live in a place that has short day light in the winter, is cold and are not a shopper by nature. When all of these events collide at the same time, it is no wonder you are down. Take Anne up on her offer to shop for you!! 🙂 I too hate shopping, I love to give, but don’t like the shopping bit. I generally use the internet but this year I made gifts.

    The photo of the carousel looks forlorn, but I love that look. I think it should be printed and framed!

  5. The Ferris wheel is gorgeous. You’re not alone in Christmassy blues–lots of company. All that forced gaiety and emphasis on shopping, for a holiday concocted to take people’s minds off the old pagan rituals. Meh. Enjoy the light and the snow and the beautiful outdoors in that lovely city.

  6. I love the winter photos from Paris. I guess I’m so “in love” with the notion of Paris that these photos are magic and inspiring for me. So…see…thank you for what you share and give us.

    I’m game to come voer and shop for you,too. Send me a ticket next year. (Just kidding-sort of). I try to plan ahead and do most of my shopping through the year. I don’t do well with mobs of people, no parking anywhere, and pushing and shoving. Now I get to go out to some of my favorite stores and just look.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. I’m sorry you don’t enjoy Christmas Linda. I confess that I haven’t felt excited about it even once this year. I think, for adults, there is just so much to do that there is little time to enjoy it. I also find buying presents a huge pressure – I can never think of anything! I’ll think of you while my family swelters on Christmas Day 🙂

  8. Linda, I’m with you!! Christmas…. But let’s go shopping and get presents for each other! You buy something for you and I”ll buy something for me! I’m sure that we’ll know EXACTLY what to buy for our present!!!! I’ll let you know what I find. Let me know what you find.

  9. Hello Linda,

    I just want to say, you´re not along …me too can stay the christmas shoping…for me christmas is the best time in the whole year, I really like it, but every year I feel me lonly in christmas..this time especially for I miss someone who is not here, always is unbearable to search for gifts in big shoping centers, so I try to aviod it. To be surounded with happy people is cruel.I bought the gifts in small shops, they are not so crowded and noisy.
    I do only nessesery things – have a christmas tree for my child (and for me honostly, but it doesn´t work this time), make coockies, try to decore my flat a bit…we have a lot of snow this time, it is very unusual for Berlin, thus I can often watch the falling snowflakes, I adore if it snowing..but this time it just makes me more sad..for I always think he can not see it, I can not share this picture with him…this beautiful picture of snow. I do have gifts for my family, relatives, but I don´t want to selebrate, how can one not to atend such “family selebration”, how to avoid, to escape it???? It tornaments me…

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