Christmas at Saint Sulpice

I went into the church of Saint Sulpice expecting to see the creche from Sardina that is usually there at Christmas but it’s not there this year. I like to wander around this church.

At the back of the church is this magnificant sculpture of Mary by Pigalle.

The lights were decorated with cloth-rather elegant.

The creche this year. The baby Jesus hasn’t arrived yet.

The fountain outside was lit up in various colors. There is a Christmas market there too but it’s smaller than last year.

2 thoughts to “Christmas at Saint Sulpice”

  1. I have this little fantasy that I love to day dream about , especially when I am “down” and its this-
    I have this wonderful apartment in one of those buildings that overlook St Sulprice . I am sure you know the ones I am talking about that look onto the square with the lions – I even decorate it in my mind and of course I have a balcony! LOL
    I do love St Sulprice , its not a “pretty” cathedral like some of the others but it has this moodiness that I sort of like !:)

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