Edible Christmas

Pierre Herme has to have the best Christmas windows this year. At least of the ones I saw. I didn’t get out much this December but when I did I was looking for signs of Christmas.

I love red, especially at Christmas when it looks so festive and I liked this tree decorated with macarons, Pierre Herme’s specialty.

I wouldn’t mind having these hanging around my apartment.

To all of you who visit me and read what I have to say and look at my photos-a priceless gift for me-I would like to say thank you and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

10 thoughts to “Edible Christmas”

  1. I love the window photos, they look great.

    Thank you to you for visiting my blog too! We might meet one day .. we always miss each other when I am in Paris.

    Merry Christmas to you and Maurice. Have fun!!

  2. Merry Christmas, Linda. I love reading your blog and always feel cheer, even if it isn’t the holidays.
    I am not a macaron fan. I’ve only tried the ones from Laduree. Maybe I’ll have to try Pierre Herme’s macarons. I’m not saying that macarons aren’t tasty, just that I would rather use my calories on something I find more delectable.

  3. Merry Christmas to you, too, Linda, and blessings for the New Year to you and your family. Your blog is a gift to the rest of us; thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Merry Christmas Linda and Maurice. I am so glad you are there posting for all of us to enjoy. Looking forward to reading all of your adventures and travels in the New Year.

    Really like the Pierre Herme window..bright red so cheery.

  5. Merry Christmas from Australia. Its nearly 11 at night and so, for me, its nearly over.
    I have eaten too much and I know I would love a macaroonie from Hermes but……

    Linda, I am just sooooo full!! LOL

  6. Thought of you, and your beautiful Parisian blog, at Christmas and just wanted to see what lovely sights you’ve got on display for everyone to enjoy. This is a gift to us all Linda, for which you don’t need to go shopping, but just be your creative self. Merry Christmas and a bountiful New Year. Not much time to post these days, but think of you quite often. XO, Nancy

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