A Quiet Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve seems to be a bigger deal here in France than Christmas, at least when it comes to eating. About five in the evening Maurice suddenly jumped up and said he would be right back, that he had to buy something. After he left I was hoping he didn’t decide to go buy a Christmas tree but he came home with two boxes of chocolate candy-just what I need. It was just Maurice and I for Christmas Eve but we went all out in our own way.

Oysters are always a must. Maurice bought a dozen. I’m not such a fan, although I will have one now and then. I just had some shrimp.

Oyster closeup. Maurice adds a mixture of chopped shallots and vinegar to his. Maybe it sort of “cooks” it like ceviche, although he eats it immediately.

You’ve got to have foie gras. I sprinkled a little sea salt on mine. When I moved to France I didn’t think I liked foie gras but then some came on a salad that I ordered and I discovered that it has a fabulous sweet taste and I’m a convert now.

We had champagne too-Veuve Cliquot-which is usual. Notice the orange covering on the bottle. It’s like a little orange coat that zips up that keeps the champagne cold. It came with it when we bought it.

8 thoughts to “A Quiet Christmas Eve”

  1. Oh Linda – I just adore oysters and I am a fan of foie gras too! I would never say “no” to a glass of champagne – I think you two had the perfect Paris Christmas Eve dinner!

    What happened to the chocolates????? LOL !

  2. I’m with you. Shrimp, foie gras, champagne. What’s not to like. And spending Christmas Eve alone can be peaceful instead of lonely, right? We had Christmas day just our family. It was very laid back.

  3. The bottle ‘coat’ is interesting. Only had oysters once when I was a teenager. Not a fan. Fois gras never tried as I have seen the feeding of the geese.

    So your Christmas Eve celebrations there are not unlike in the US then.

    Here’s wishing you a great coming year Linda.

  4. I haven’t seen a cover for a bottle of champagne like that. We just put ours back in the fridge, but I can see that would be useful on a picnic! We have a champagne stopper that DH bought at Domaine Chandon in California so you don’t lose all the bubbles if you don’t finish the bottle in one sitting. My brother wonders why we would ever need something like that though!

  5. Now that is what I call .. “a very thoughtful husband” .. and a lovely Christmas eve. I have not seen bottles like those before, a clever idea .

    Wishing you both a Very Happy New year take care xo

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