Snow, We’ve Got It

I’m sure most of you know that France has been having a lot of snow (England as well). It hasn’t been too difficult to live with although I wish the street cleaners with their brooms who are no where to be seen when it snows, would show up with shovels. The snow gets clumped up with people walking in it, then it freezes at night, and it’s sort of dangerous out there. The other day half of the flights leaving CDG airport were cancelled not because of the snow but because they didn’t have enough of the de-icying fluid. Who in the world is responsible for ordering that? They should be fired. I felt the same way when I went into a Sephora’s for some perfume and there wasn’t any of the brand that I wanted. The shelves all looked a little bare. Didn’t they realize that Christmas was coming and that they would need a larger supply? I guess my inner boy scout just gets upset when people aren’t prepared. Anyway, here are a few photos taken last week when we got the first heavy snow.

A little chilly if you need to sit down.

The view up the street that goes in front of our apartment building.

I love branches with a covering of snow.

4 thoughts to “Snow, We’ve Got It”

  1. Oh wow Linda – that looks so cold!
    I adore perfume (I wear Jicky by guerlain 🙂 ) so …. I wonder what scent you were looking for at Sephora ????

    * we do not have that shop here in Australia sadly .

  2. I love trees in the snow too, especially when it’s heavy enough to coat the branches. I think the “be prepared” motto may be an American thing. I had a French boy scout stay with us once and his job in scouts was to make the vinaigrette for the salad. We still laugh about that, imagining our American boy scouts eating salad or making vinaigrette on a camping trip.

  3. We have certainly had a lot here and the pavements have been treacherous. All gone now though but predicted to be coming back. I do hope not.

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