There is a well known restaurant in Paris called Spring and the chef and owner there is an American, Daniel Rose. Right around the corner is a smaller place where you can only get their famous soup, called bouillon, and wine.

A glass of wine in front of some of the saussicon that they have there, along with cheese. They always have four wines available to serve and have wine tastings too.

The bouillon being prepared in the open kitchen. This is a soup that was once served around les Halles, the huge market that was once in the center of Paris. It is a really rich chicken broth with some chicken and vegetables but you seldom get broth this rich or veggies this fresh.

In fact, here is a photo of what the old market at les Halles looked like. Can you imagine being there? I would have loved to have seen it. A friend of mine did.

Here’s the bouillon all prepared. It’s really good. It also had a poached egg in it, not my favorite thing so I let it sit in the hot broth until the end so the yolk wouldn’t be runny. So fresh.

I hardly ever eat bread but when there’s butter, I find it hard to resist-and I didn’t.

A very nice place with very nice people working there. A good place to stop for a light lunch and it’s right in the neighborhood of the Louvre museum.

Christmas Lights on Montmartre

We were up for drinks and dinner the other night in Montmartre with friends and I liked seeing the lights which I often miss as my usual time there is during the day.

An advertisement on the side of a car promoting living in Montmartre.

Some lovely Christmas lights hung over the street. The main shopping street in our neighborhood didn’t do lights this year so it’s nice to see them elsewhere.

A Christmas tree seen through a window.

Not Christmasy, but it’s hard to beat the steps of Montmartre at night lined with street lamps. It always gives me a wonderful feeling to see them. They are the source of many famous photographs.

Christmas Songs and Christmas Trees

It has slowly come to my attention that the French don’t do Christmas songs, at least no where on the scale of America. I play Christmas songs here on my Internet radio because that’s something I miss. I noticed that the song, Let It Snow, being sung by Dean Martin was the music for a French TV commercial and hear Perry Como singing The Christmas song in the background (along with many others) when I’m at the grocery store. My daughter in law had an English Christmas CD playing when we were over at her place recently and I asked if the French did contemporary Christmas songs and she said, “Not really”. It just made me realize what a big part Christmas music played for me in the States, especially growing up with Gene Autry singing, Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer or Brenda Lee Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Of course, by the time the holiday season is over, I’m more than glad to go another year without hearing Christmas music again.

I see ordinary pine trees for sale here in Paris but I also sure do see a lot of flocked trees. My daughter in law has a turquoise flocked tree-very dramatic. We aren’t getting a tree this year as we will be in Switzerland for Christmas. I don’t mind though. I like the look and fragrance of Christmas trees but, man, do I hate cleaning up afterwards. All I have put out are some fake candles that look like they are flickering. You know, I usually get the blues during the Christmas season. I’m wondering if it’s the lack of sunlight but, in any case, I don’t have them this year for what ever reason. Maybe it’s because a new grandbaby is coming.

So, back to Christmas trees. All of the flower shops in Paris seem to sell them. Here is one of those flocked trees along with some nice flowers.

Another one in the window with pink decorations.

I did a video of the Christmas market on the Champs Elysees which I am unable to embed so if you want to see it you will have to copy and paste into www.youtube.com

Next door to the flower shop is this very nice restaurant called le Fumoir. I loved the interior. Maybe they once sold and smoked cigars there.

The painting on the wall, all art deco which I love.

Pere Lachaise

While I was at Pere Lachaise looking at the new glass wall installed around Oscar Wilde’s tomb, I looked around at other objects while the sun was out. It was raining off and on all day and there was only a window of about thirty minutes before the rain and dark skies returned.

A kitty cat. There are quite a few living in the cemetery and they are all wild and won’t let you get near them.

Isn’t this unusual? It was on a door of the area where ashes are kept near the crematorium.

A permanent flower.

I like this tomb. I’ve taken photos of it before. It looks like the weather is slowing erasing it though.

I always thinks this tomb looks a little scary.


I’ve walked past the new Ambercrombie and Fitch store on the Champs Elysees before but never went in because there was such a line to get in. The other day I passed and there was no line so in I went.

You enter a gate and walk down this path to get into the entrance at the back.

The grand entrance.

What I saw when I entered. The young man was modeling a coat with a bare chest. They had ten or so young people, really gorgeous looking, standing around wearing clothing instead of manniquines.

It was very dark inside and hard to get any good photo which I found out weren’t allowed anyway. The floors were painted black and there were people working there with dust mops continually cleaning the floors-I think people brought in white dust from the gravel outside.
I didn’t buy anything but it was fun to look.

This and That

Some unconnected photos I took in Paris as I roamed around.

This is a photo of where the bikes you can rent are parked. It’s on top of Montmartre, the highest point in Paris, and as you can see, people rent them and ride them down the hill and park them, but don’t ride them back up the hill. I often see trailers of bikes being returned by trucks here. I guess people take the metro back up. I would.

One of my favorite fountains in front of the Saint Sulpice church.

I’m having trouble finding pretty Christmas windows. I will have to try some different areas. Anyway, this Repetto window is only Christmasy because of the snow but I liked the ballerina.

I bet the Hermes store could do fabulous Christmas windows but so far the theme seems to be oriental. I like it though.