Lights For A Friend

I have a friend from California visiting me for the holidays. She arrived in the evening and we had a rental car so we took her around Paris to see it lit up.

Galeries Lafayette really puts on a show. I wonder how much their electricity bill goes up at Christmas? They have animated windows as well and children were stacked up trying to get a look at them.

Still the department store.

And of course you have to go to the Eiffel Tower. It was doing its sparkling show as we arrived and I took this photo through the window in the roof of the car. As soon as we stopped the car, the sparkling stopped. It only lasts 5 minutes every hour.

It doesn’t look too shabby without the sparkling lights. I got Nancy’s hand in the bottom of the photo. We walked underneath too just to look up.

9 thoughts to “Lights For A Friend”

  1. My cousin went to Paris and took the exact same photo of Galeries Lafayette.. 🙂 and I did a post on it .. he let me use his photo .

  2. Hi Linda,
    You saw numbers of amazing things during your trip in Paris !! Your pictures are really nice!!
    You found smart ways to take pictures when it’s not allowed 😉
    I’m planning to learn French in France this year and your blog is really interesting for young students who want to visit Paris!! I will go to the Galeries Lafayette at night for sure!!
    For those who are looking for interesting information about France, take a look on this blog!
    Au revoir!!

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