A Long Journey

If you want to go to the Hemingway Bar in the Ritz Hotel for a martini, be ready for a long walk. It is set at the very back of the hotel near the exit that Lady Diana took on the night she died. When you walk in the front door they look you over and ask if they can help you. When you say, “I’m going to the Hemingway Bar” they have to say “Okay” but you can tell they don’t like it.

A pretty candle along the way.

A look at the long hall requiring that long walk. This was the last photo I took as a man came up and told me no photos were allowed and asked if he could help me like I was a random tourist wandering around. To his disgust I told him I was on the way to the bar and he couldn’t kick me out.

Hemingway actually did hang out at this bar. Look at the prices of the martinis. Quiet a shock. There are all of the nuts and chips that you can eat though.

Women get a rose on their drink. My friend and I had cosmopolitans. They were very good as they should be at that price. It’s a special place for a special occasion.

5 thoughts to “A Long Journey”

  1. Good Morning –

    There is a very nice bar here in Zurich called the Kronenhalle Bar, that is not such a long walk 😉 But it is really a special spot, beautifully decorated with rich mahogany paneling and a fabulous art collection. The prices are a bit daunting, but they too serve a great selection of nuts and crisps.

    I brought my daughter there during her last visit and we made use of our cameras before we were advised that due to the value of the art, no cameras were allowed. I’m glad we snagged a few pics; it was a wonderful evening and we made a great memory.

  2. Wow. It takes some real sticktoitiveness to go to that bar. Good for you. 30 Euro though. That’s outrageous. I hope you stayed for a long time.

  3. I have been to that bar too! It is a long walk and past some rather tacky items in those cases too! LOL
    I had a champagne cocktail thingy by the famous English guy that bartends there (forgotten his name ) and my hubby had a rum thingy — to this day its the most expensive cocktail I have ever had and I got the rose too which I have in a book pressed with my photos! I should not have taken it back to Australia as we have strick quarentine but I forgot all about it in my suitcase !
    Was it worth it? Oh hell YES!! Its a once in a life time kind of thing but —-
    to anyone reading this – DO NOT do their afternoon tea at the Ritz – expensive and a rather cheap and sad lot of “been frozen “things came out , yik – Hemmingway Bar is much better to drop your $$$!!! LOL

  4. We had tea there and even with resercations and being well-dressed, they gave us the multiple “look-over”. I did get up and wander and walk down the hall. Once in there and seated, they seemed to be okay with my “looking around”. Pretty steep price to pay though for the experience-nut once in a lifetime I keep saying.

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