George V Crystals

We took my friend for a look at the George V Hotel. They always do great decorating so it is worth a stop to see what they have done. We had hoped to get a drink in the bar but were turned away by a rather snipy woman full of herself. We ended up going to the much quieter and less elegant Prince de Galles next door. But, in any case, we did enjoy looking around. The trees were decorated with Swarovski crystals and there was also a display in the courtyard of their work.

What you see when you enter the lobby.

A simple display of Jeff Letham’s leaning flower bouquets.

The Christmas tree behind a curtain of crystals.

A rather incredible hanging decoration of Swarovski crytals.

9 thoughts to “George V Crystals”

  1. I always think of the move, “French Kiss,” when I hear about the George V. (Snooty.)
    The trees DO look like they are in cages 🙂

  2. Plenty of sparkle, but I find I am actually more attracted to the beautiful stone floor of the lobby, with the various inset colors. That’s something I could live with all year ’round!

  3. Oh. Hanging crystals. I thought the trees were behind netting! Weird that they don’t go all the way to the top. Of course, I have to be critical since they weren’t nice to you. You’ve been visiting lots of snippy places lately.

  4. Oh you do get some bitches in those places! LOL

    Not fond of the decorations like the others have mentioned too.

    *Like Paulita above says – you have been visiting many “snippy” places – I do hope you give the “SNIPPY PLACE AWARD OF PARIS” at the end of your friends visit!
    It would be fun 🙂

  5. Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the snippy reception. We once were turned away at the Ritz, although I must admit we looked like refugees after wandering all day in Paris in a winter storm. The next time I was there, I walked in like I owned the place and knew where I was going. That worked like a charm.

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