Party Like a Rock Star

That’s what I’ve been doing-partying like a rock star. My friend who is visiting loves to try fancy bars. She’s seen most of the sights before so trying upscale bars and shopping were on her list. She quickly learned that in France you need to be in a swanky place to get a decent cosmopolitan-a martini of vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice. We were in a simple little cafe that had a bar but when we asked for a cosmo the waiter said, “What? What’s in it?” so we assumed the drink would be less than stellar and we each had a glass of champagne which is always safe here. I, by the way, don’t usually go to fancy hotels for drinks especially since most of them are very expensive. I only occasionally have a cosmo when in the States so my liver was in shock for a week or so there as I tried to keep up with my friend. The first place that we tried, already posted about, was the Hemingway Bar in the Ritz. They had very good cosmos. I had recently read about two new five star hotels which opened in Paris so I took my friend there. The first one was the Royal Monceau and when we walked in she said, “This is what I’m talking about!”

The Cosmopolitan. They were very good as were the munchies served with the drinks.

The back of the bar. The room itself was really long and narrow.

This was the back wall in the restaurant there which I thought was very spectacular.

This is the entry lobby. I liked the way it was all decorated.

6 thoughts to “Party Like a Rock Star”

  1. Gorgeous setting. How was the drink? Funny, I wouldn’t think of looking for fancy American drinks while in France. Sounds like a fun scavenger hunt though.

  2. Catching up Linda after far too long – where does time go? Sending our wishes for a wonderful healthy and happy new year.

    Loving your pics of recent months – and seeing Paris dressed for Christmas is always fabulous – I was there once at that exciting time of year, long time ago!

    Have switched to MacBook and iMac so still trying to rescue all my missing blog pals, and learn the ins and outs of these machines – was so glad to find you today and add you back into my favorites.

    Not in a fancy bar, just here at home, but raising a glass to you my dear.
    Hugs, Mary (hi from Bob of course)

  3. Love cosmos…..what a fun thing to do-checking out all the fancy bars for great drinks and ambiance….yeah, you.

  4. This is always very interesting and “foreign” to me. I don’t like cocktails, and even if I did, I doubt I would seek them out in Paris! Give me a nice glass of wine anytime…

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