In Search of the Perfect Cosmopolitan

The next stop with my friend, looking for a good cosmo in Paris, was the newly opened Shangri-La Hotel. There is a fabulous fragrance when you enter and you want to buy some for your home but they had none for sale and no brochures as it had only been opened for a week. It was a very elegant place, sort of oriental in feel which some Colonial India thrown in.

Here we are.

The bar with its very low lighting, thus the poor quality of the photo. The staff was very nice. Munchies were good too.

The bar was called The Bar.

Here they are. They were very good. Many places tend to make cosmos too sweet but they were perfect. Will you think poorly of me if I tell you that we had two each?

9 thoughts to “In Search of the Perfect Cosmopolitan”

  1. We’ll only be jealous if we know you had two. I bet they were outrageously expensive. Did you just have to ignore the prices while on this search? The hotel looks lovely.

  2. Did you know that the Shangri-La hotels and resorts chain was established by Malaysia’s (and Southeast Asia’s) wealthiest man, Mr. Robert Kuok? 😉

  3. That all sounds like a wonderful Paris tour–A Cosmo Crawl. Two at the Shangri-La seems just about right.

  4. Nope don’t think badly at all! Envious yes.. badly no.
    I have never had a Cosmo. I will have to try it. Love the photo in blue.

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