Paris From the Bottom of a Glass

A friend told my friend to go to the Park Hyatt and the Plaza Athenee for drinks which we did.

The Park Hyatt is very modern with very nice sculptures everywhere. They had macadamia nuts to munch on, my favorite nut.

The Plaza Athenee, a pretty famous place, but a little over-priced. I liked the blue lighting though.

A cosmo in blue.
So, as I said, we tried a lot of cosmos. We also went to Costes Hotel but I didn’t get any photos there. In case someone is interested, the best cosmos, according to us, was at the Royal Monceau and the Shangri-la. We don’t like them too sweet but more like a martini. The Plaza Athenee and the Park Hyatt had cosmos that were too sweet. The others came in sort of average. I will now be doing detox. No cosmos for me for a very long time.

6 thoughts to “Paris From the Bottom of a Glass”

  1. Best Cosmos? My friend in Batavia, Illinois makes a FABULOUS one. She has a room in their house called the Pub, where there are cozy sofa’s, lovely lamp-light and a faux-fireplace. It’s a heavenly place to sip a Cosmo; the company ain’t bad either 🙂

    And now — I’m homesick!

  2. The Athenee did a great gin fizz as I remember .

    I think alot of bars do many drinks too sweet these days!

  3. Love the photo of the cosmo in blue….party time is over for awhile?

    Hope the NY is going well.

  4. What a great idea to sample just one cocktail but in different surroundings. I have not tasted a cosmo myself, my favourite is a Margherita, but next time I just might change to see what I am missing.

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