Mama Shelter

The name Phillippe Starck always catches my eye. He is an amazing, eccentric French designer with rock star status who has a long list of things he has done from a famous juicer, to furniture, to hotels, he has done it all. I even once interviewed him by phone quite a few years ago when I wrote for an Internet magazine. I’m still not sure how I got that to happen-maybe I’ll post the article here someday-and, in fact, he didn’t tell me anything that hadn’t been read in dozens of other interviews. At the time he was married to an American and talked about her some and the only bit of something new I got was when I asked him the difference between French and American women-we are stronger is what I think he said.
Anyway, I bring all of this up because I thought that my friend-the rabid cosmo fan-and I should visit his latest hotel called Mama Shelter. It’s unusual in that it isn’t expensive and is even found in an unfashionable area of the 20th arrondissement. I was expecting to find his sort of quirky, over the top designs like that of Kong seen in Sex and the City but was surprised to walk in and find it rather like something out of Texas-wooden floors, long wooden tables, waiters and waitresses wearing western looking aprons of denim and chalk board walls and ceilings. We got there about 6 PM but when we asked for a cosmo we were told that they weren’t through setting up the bar and couldn’t mix drinks so we settled for champagne. A little later we asked for munchies of some sort and were told that they usually have potato chips made by the chef but, again, we were too early and they wouldn’t be ready until 7 PM or so. They did have a pizza area and we got the very reasonably priced small pizza for 3 Euros to take the edge off. If I should go back again, I would definitely make sure to get there well after 7 PM.

The chalk board ceiling.

Poor light but I was trying to get a photo of the apron which looked a bit like something out of Lil’ Abner, the cartoon hillbilly.

Interesting material for the curtains.

One of the long tables.

4 thoughts to “Mama Shelter”

  1. hi Linda! I remember that interview you did with Philippe Starck. It was fantastic and you’re being modest. There were plenty of new things he’d confided to you and it attracted many new readers, such as myself.

  2. What an interesting place! It is good to see that the long tables have chairs and not benches that are so popular in another European country. Was it a little taste of home? Always enjoy reading your blog, Linda.

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