Did You Notice?

Did you notice that I have a book for sale over there on the right? I wrote it a few years ago putting together what I found people wanted to know about visiting Paris. Along with where to stay, some suggestions on where to eat, there are some walks that I wrote based on walks that I do with clients who do my tours. There are some photos too. I hope, if you are coming to Paris, that you will order it. Right now it’s just on Kindle at Amazon but I hope to have it in the print on demand format before long. I’m excited to dip my toe into the world of books. I have more coming too. If nothing else, I write a lot.

5 thoughts to “Did You Notice?”

  1. Linda, I think you need to toot your own horn a little more. I may be getting an ereader for my birthday and I definitely want to buy your book. Is it only for Kindle or can I get it on other ereaders?

  2. Linda, Just bought your book and LOVE it. Fabulous. All the best and I look forward to meeting you when I come to Paris this spring with my family.

  3. Linda, I just downloaded your book late last night and have only skimmed really quickly through about a third of it, but I think it’s great. You have such a natural writing style, it’s very enjoyable and easy to read. Great job! I’m glad to know there will be more to come.

    I find the idea of self-publishing so exciting, it’s so different than it used to be. I don’t plan on writing any books, but my sister and I are gearing up for some extended travel beginning this summer and will be setting up blogs, shooting videos and writing articles centered around our adventures. I actually just dipped my own toe in, on a much smaller scale, with my 1st article to get some practice. Best Places to Travel in 2011

    Anyway, Paris is right up near the top of our list, and I’m very much looking forward to using your book extensively. Also, my sister and I are about your age and we’re from Louisiana so, although it will probably be difficult to arrange between your travels and ours, we’ll give you a shout when we get out your way and see if we can set up a blogger meetup. In the meantime, I thoroughly enjoying your blog and the book.

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